Wednesday, August 05, 2015

SIGnificant Muzzling

On my way to do something, I was behind this gentleman, who was busy talking to another fellow on the sidewalk as we went from the parking lot to the building.

Unfortunately the picture isn't great, but that's the business end of a SIG 226 pointing back at me from his shoulder holster. It looked bigger in person.

This is why cover garments over shoulder holsters are appropriate for providing some concealment rather than not having one on, and it illustrates an issue with most types of shoulder holsters - you're pointing a firearm at anyone behind you whether you know they're there or not.

On entry to the place I was going, I went one way as he and his friend went another, and the badge around his neck made it easy to see he was a law enforcement officer of some sort.

Not a huge deal but certainly a very public display of a firearm that's rather atypical around here as most officers and civilian open carriers I've seen are outside the waistband carry types.

It was an interesting illustration of the muzzle direction issue posed by shoulder holsters.


Keads said...

Yes, it is a concern with those holsters IMHO.

Mcgyver said...

I never viewed it as any sort of issue other than during drawing. I view muzzling someone as when your gun is deployed in your hand and it crosses them. Not sure why you would choose a shoulder holster without concealing it though.

Aaron said...

Mcgyver: It's the whole never point a firearm at something you're not willing to destroy rule, and here it's pointing backwards to where he did not know. Low probability of anything happening but still an unnecessary risk.

I'd assume he has one in the chamber, and there was a very clear view of the inside of the bore from behind.

It was a hot day so I figure he left his jacket in the car to go from the far side of the parking lot to the building.

Robert Fowler said...

I own one shoulder holster. When I wear it, the muzzle points down. I never cared for the horizontal types for that very reason.