Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Flamethrowers Give Warren Mayor A Case Of The Flammable Vapors

The knee-jerk desire of people to ban what they do not understand or makes them afraid strikes again.

A couple of companies, including one here in Michigan, advertise the sale of a product, namely a flamethrower, that has been legal for civilians to own since, well, so long as the products have been in existence. The City of Warren's Mayor finds out and gets a case of the flammable vapors and moves to ban them.

The Detroit Free Press: A right to own flamethrowers? Warren mayor wants them banned

Does the mayor have any examples of flamethrower misuse in Warren? Of course not, but better ban them just to be sure.

Curiously enough, and much like a typical gun ban, the proposed legislation exempts:

any officer, employee or member of the Armed Forces, law enforcement, fire department or local, state or federal government who is on duty and acting within the scope of his or her employment.

Well, ok then.

The law as proposed may also be over-broad and include more than what people consider to be flamethrowers. Not that this has stopped anyone before.

And it's not just one mayor alone, Sebastian over at Shall Not Be Questioned points out CNN is also having fits over flamethrowers.

The statist impulse to ban first and only then consider if there's even a problem posed later. Go figure.

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Excelling in Mediocrity said...

"I’m very concerned about it. It’s very dangerous in a lot of situations,” Fouts said, adding that the devices could cause house fires, damage property and cause injury or death. “The pain and death it could impose is overwhelming.”

That being said, we had better ban matches, lighters and electricity. All for the sake of the children, of course.