Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Kids, Giving Adults Grey Hairs Since Time Immemorial

Got a few new grey hairs around the temples this evening.

Abby had decided her room needed a remodeling and went about clearing out accumulated junk (good), dumping stuff she didn't want on her younger sister by dumping a pile of stuff in Leah's room (not so good) and then moving the furniture around by herself while I was making dinner. And that's where the story begins,

With a bang.

The bang was followed by Leah running to the kitchen saying "Abby's big toe is turning blue".

And so it was.

She had dropped the top of her Ikea desk right on it. She had forgotten that it was only resting and not attached to the file cabinet on the one side, so it slid off and dropped right onto her big toe as she went to move it.

Impressively she wasn't crying. The size her toe then immediately swelled to was also impressive. When she couldn't move it from an upward angle there was some serious concern.

So after applying ice and realizing it wasn't helping her regain mobility of the toe and the swelling was still bad and it was starting to hurt worse, I piled them in the car and headed to the local urgent care.

The doc checked it out, and decided some x-rays were warranted. Luckily nothing was appearing obviously broken on the results but there's still a chance of a hairline fracture so a radiologist is going to confirm the diagnosis. For now we've got her toes taped together and she's getting ibuprofen, elevation and ice. Thankfully it appears to be nothing serious.

We were darn lucky this time that it wasn't any worse.

Update: The radiologist confirmed no fractures and she's back to 100%. Good news all around.


Murphy's Law said...

Awww....Poor kid.

ProudHillbilly said...

Guess what? You'll still be worrying when she's 30.

Old NFO said...

Amen to that! At least there was no blood and no stitches!