Thursday, August 27, 2015

Cute Quote Of The Day

It's only 7:52 am and I've already got the cute quote of the day.

Leah, counting the money she's saved up to buy a new Ever After High Dolls (if you don't have girls that will take awhile to explain) realizing she has enough to buy it as it's on sale at a local store for cheaper than at Amazon, but then realizing she has to calculate sales tax on the purchase and add that to her amount, pushing her past her amount saved so she can't buy it now:

Leah in an exasperated voice:

"I thought kids didn't have to pay taxes!"

Welcome to the real world of sales taxes kiddo.

Getting her to count her funds and calculate sales tax (at her own initiative) is a parental trick to get her summer brain to start shifting over to school mode. Learning about taxes similarly is instructive.


juvat said...

Welcome to the Tea Party, Leah!

Aaron said...

Yep, it was quite a realization for her tender years.