Monday, May 25, 2015

Sunday Up In The Trees

On Sunday we woke, had breakfast and then headed out on our next adventure - At the Adventure Park.

After filing out waivers for this year we geared up and headed into the trees.

First I went with Abby on a green course and she absolutely tore it up with skill and confidence and more guts than the teenagers that were just ahead of us. The teens were freaking out and Abby was quite unimpressed that they couldn't hack it and kept freezing at obstacles.

While the obstacles on the green course were challenging, there was no stopping her.

Abby worked through each obstacle with skill and aplomb and launched herself off the zip-line at the end of the course:

Next, Natasha took Abby and I paired up with Leah and her friend Emmy and we did a yellow and a pink course.

 Leah also had no issue with leaping into space on a zip line, and she added a turn for style while doing so:

Interestingly enough, the easier pink course was actually harder than the higher rated yellow course.

 The obstacles were more challenging. They were harder to maneuver on, and with it being kid-sized I had to squat and crawl through a few of the obstacles.

Leah didn't like this chain obstacle as each chain was spaced pretty far apart for her, and they would swing around out of her reach, but she did it anyways,

We made it and then Abby took Leah on a yellow while Natasha and I did a Blue course.

The Blue course was a complete butt-kicker.

 It wasn't just that it was a lot higher than the other courses.
 It wasn't just that each obstacle was longer than on the prior courses.
 It wasn't just that this course demanded both balance and upper body strength to spare with some very tricky obstacles that waved around like a ship at sea.
 It also wasn't just that the ending obstacle was literally a leap of faith - you jumped off the platform 30 feet in the air with nothing below you, secured only by a descending strap contraption that slowed your descent down to a safe speed.

It was all those things put together, and they made it quite the challenge indeed.  Quite a few of the people on the course with us stated it was harder than the black diamond courses, and a few had to be rescued off the course by the staff, but we completed it. 

The long zip line on the blue course was awesome - the longest one in the park made for a rush of a ride. Stepping off into thin air at the end was cool indeed - I'd do that one again. 

It was a heckuva good workout and just about every muscle is nice and sore, and I've got serious bruises on the inside of my arms from brushing against the cables and muscling my way through the obstacles, but it's all good.

The family had a great time and we used every minute of our allotted time on the courses. Next time, some Black Diamonds await for the adults to conquer.

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