Friday, May 08, 2015

Martin Zale Road Rage Trial Begins

The jury of 10 women and 4 men has been selected in the Martin Zale trial.

The incident occurred in Livingston county where both participants with a history of aggression.

Opening statements and some initial testimony given and we now know where the prosecutor and defense are coming from.

The prosecutor has shown Mr. Zale has a history of very aggressive driving, including testimony from his former co-workers that he was a highly aggressive driver and had fought with another driver before. None of that will be helpful to Zale.

The defense however has claimed that Mr. Zale attempted to avoid Fleming, even running through a yellow light. But Fleming pursued him through a red light and then at the next light got out and engaged Mr. Zale. Mr. Fleming left his vehicle, banged on Mr. Zale's truck, threatened and then punched Mr Zale, whereupon Mr. Zale then shot him.

The defense's claim about the truck was bolstered by some witnesses today, but none of the seven that testified saw any punches being thrown as reported in The Livingston Daily:

Gary Blair Jr. said he saw Flemming hit the driver’s-side window and say, “What the f--- is your problem.”

Another witness saw Flemming run his hand along the side of the pickup bed as he approached the driver, who had stopped at the Grand River Avenue and Chilson Road intersection, just east of Howell.

It's clear that Fleming got out of his car after chasing Zale and approached vehicle.

Still unexplained is how Zale, with a pending misdemeanor proceeding from his earlier road rage incident could have had a carry permit, as once a misdemeanor charge is brought the CPL is automatically suspended in Michigan.

The only lessons so far to be taken away from this case are:

1. Don't drive make a habit of driving like an aggressive idiot, people will remember.

2. Don't be an aggressor in a road rage incident, people will remember.

3. Don't engage in road rage, don't pursue someone else who is committing road rage, and don't get out of your vehicle to confront someone else who is road raging.

4. Do not roll down your window to discuss the matter with the idiot that comes out to confront you but get away if at all possible.

More lessons may be learned as the trial continues, but so far it seems the story continues to be that two aggressive idiots got into a road raging incident and both have lost.

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