Saturday, May 30, 2015

Jett And Tessa

Jett got to have a play date last night with Tessa, a golden retriever, as our two families got together for dinner.

Jett came ready to play:

The two hadn't met before, but they got along famously:

Then they immediately started to play, and hard.

Jett led off with his patented Jump-Jett maneuver:

Followed by play-death from above:

There was much running and leaping and a grand time was had by both dogs. They ended with a hug:

And then panting beside each other after a long play time.

Both dogs were well behaved, minded well, and a joy to have around and watch at play while the families chatted and the kids played together.


Old NFO said...

Glad they played well together! That ALWAYS makes things easier...LOL

Aaron said...

It certainly does. They're both people and dog-friendly pooches.