Thursday, March 05, 2015

Oh, That Liberal Media Bias

The Detroit Free Press' Nancy Kaffer is a quality example of the media's left-wing lockstep thinking.

The setting: Nancy Kaffer's article: When it comes to bad ideas, Lansing never disappoints

On clicking the link the first question you will have regarding a post concerning Lansing, Michigan and a smear job at Michigan Republicans is:

"WTF is the picture of governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin doing as the lead picture for a column about Michigan?"

Last time I checked, Gov. Walker is not the governor of Michigan, which is a pity.

Ms. Kaffer decided to draw the governor of Wisconsin into an article purported to be about those evil Michigan Republicans.

You see, Ms. Kaffer is so lock-step in fact that she couldn't miss the opportunity to join the pile-on and take a shot at the current leading Republican in the news, regardless of the actual theme of her column.

So lock-step in fact that she had to post a correction today after blindly believing without any independent attempt to verify, like using Google, another left-wing source, Jezebel, that was quickly debunked regarding the specious claim that Governor Walker was advocating the elimination reports of sexual assault at Wisconsin university campuses.

That smear sounded good to Kaffer so she ran with it without fact checking that it had already been well and truly debunked prior to her article running. Had she run even one quick search on Google to fact-check, that would have done it and prevented this embarrassment. Instead, because the claim fit the narrative, helped her left-wing cred, and gave an example of the media's notion of Republican Neanderthal-ness, she ran with it.

But fear not, the media will be objective and unbiased in the run-up to the 2016 election. They pinky swear it.


Old NFO said...

Yeah, right... And the check's in the mail...

ProudHillbilly said...

OK, I take issue with you using the word "thinking" in reference to Media.