Wednesday, March 04, 2015

The Deep Blue Screen Of Death - Microsoft Co-Founder Finds The Musashi

The Detroit News: Microsoft co-founder says he found sunken WWII warship.

Musashi in 1944.  Illustration by Alexpl.
The Musashi, one of the largest and most powerful battleships ever built.  She was sunk during the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea on October 24, 1944 after receiving 19 torpedo hits and 17 bomb hits from American planes in the battle. 1,023 members of her crew sank with her.

Musashi steaming on the way to her doom at the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea

The ship was found 3,000 feet below the surface and Mr. Allen's team videographed the wreckage with an ROV, and some of the video is available at the link above.

Quite an impressive find of an important battleship from the Second World War. It will be neat to see the full video of the wreck once it is released.


ProudHillbilly said...

Oh, that's interesting. Dirk Pitt is currently exploring a massive sunken Japanese submarine from WW11 in my world.

Old NFO said...

At least it's deep enough that it won't be stripped...

Aaron said...

PH: Lots of wrecks form WWII in the Pacific still to be found. Interestingly enough, Clive Cussler, the author for the Dirk Pitt series is a real-life shipwreck finder, and he's found a ton of wrecks from the Civil War and beyond.

OldNFO: No one could strip it without a serious effort at that depth that would be picked up pretty easily I would think.

It will be interesting to see if they or perhaps a Japanese salvage team try to recover the Imperial Chrysanthemum or other artifacts for the Japanese naval museum.