Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Strange Love Affair Of The Left With Islamics

One of the greatest tricks Hamas and other Islamic movements have managed so far is to convince the hard left that they are leftist themselves.

Sure, Hamas, the PLO and others vocally avow a socialist system, socialist as is typically defined where those at the top live well and those at the bottom are oppressed proles, but they profess socialism nonetheless and the Left eats it up.

At the same time, these Islamic and Arab terrorist movements avow principles, beliefs and actions that had they not already been the left's darlings would have put them on the persona non-grata list typically reserved for the Tea Party, Republicans, Israel and America.

So the Hamasniks and their supporters and others like them get away with systemic and profoundly anti-gay actions, anti-Semitic actions, anti-minority activities by the ton, and treatment of women that equates to a real war rather than faux "war on women", and commit war crimes by using kids as human shields and child combatants (no doubt to be reported as "murdered innocent civillians" if killed, yet they get a pass on all that.

Would anyone else get the kind of support from leftists that Hamas and its ilk are getting if they did these things?

The romance of the Left for the Arabs and Islamists seem to be both residual from when they were good Soviet client states against the West, and a current bromance as the Left seems to buy hook line and sinker that they are oppressed peoples with no moral agency, and so long as they are anti-Israel and anti-America then the left is their ally and they can apparently do no wrong.


Expatriate Owl said...

What's so strange about the love affair of the Left with Islamics? It makes perfect sense:

1. Islamics envy all things Western (including and especially Jews). The Left has this great fear of being envied. Currying favor with the Islamics (which necessarily entails submission) might, in the (low capacity) minds of the Leftists, convince the Islamics to not take out their envies upon the Leftists.

2. Leftists need to be victims, but if they are not prepared to give up the creature comforts of their limousines and air conditioned homes and other trappings of what until now has been upper middle class, the need for victimhood can be fulfilled by having surrogate victims for whom their hearts can bleed. Islamists are so good at acting out the roles of victims (never mind that they are the primary oppressors of victims) that they are a natural for the Left.

3. Both the Left and the Islamists have a common ground: Envy/hatred of the Jews. The Islamists hate the Jews because it is part of their indoctrination and written in their Quran. The Leftists envy the Jews because we have committed a very unpardonable sin -- overcoming our oppression and succeeding. The Leftist mind complains about oppression (one's own or that of one's surrogate victims) 150 years after the abolition of slavery in America, yet sees that the Jews were ready to assume the responsibilities of nationhood only 40 years after exodusing Egypt. Envying or hating the Jews is the Leftists' way of resolving this disconnect.

Bottom line: Don't try to employ rational logic to derail the Left's love affair with Islamics.

Old NFO said...

That is strange, and even stranger is the lack of Jewish democrats that aren't raising hell...

ProudHillbilly said...

And there is a complete lack of understanding that after they smugly rejoice in Islam's destruction of Jews and Christians, Islam's liberal supporters are next because they are as much infidels as we are and at that point they will have outlived their usefulness.

Aaron said...

Expat Owl: Darn good explanation of their insanity there. The left also hates Jews because enough of us have handily rejected their false gods of Marxism and socialism, and they can't forgive such an unpardonable sin to their theological construct.

Old NFO: Wish i knew the answer to that. One part is that some of them have gone so far left they've left Jewishness and Israel behind in favor of the "poor, oppressed Arabs", cause their socialist leaders tell them so.

Others are just lock-step Democrats and couldn't dream of any deviation.

PH: Yep,useful idiots tend to find themselves lined up against the wall once their usefulness has come to an end. They're supporting and feeding the crocodile hoping it will weaken their domestic opponents and then kill them last.