Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Huntsville Car For Keads

I was up in Toronto and Huntsville Ontario last week for some family things.

While walking along main street in Huntsville I passed by a Ford Mustang and remembering Keads' affection for the beasts, I took a couple pictures.

The owner saw me admiring the car and snapping some pictures and offered to pop the hood so I could snap one of the engine.

The car was in darn nice shape and looks like a nice example of Equus Caballus Fordae.


Scott said...

A little too much bling for my taste, but a nicely executed example otherwise. I'm much the same way with my firearms. Simple, basic, and reliable is how I like 'em.

I like those old 'Stangs, too. It's purely an esthetic thing with me however. They could be the biggest pieces of crap out there, but I just like the look.

Old NFO said...

+1 on Scott... sigh

Keads said...

Yeah a bit much on the bling, but +1 on Scott! Thanks!