Thursday, July 24, 2014

Darn it, Now I Have To Agree With Michael Bloomberg On Something

After an almost perfect track record of opposing Bloomberg's idiocies on gun control and such, he finally goes and does something sensible that I can both agree with and even praise.

He ignored the FAA's ban on flights to Israel, which was ostensibly placed there after Hamas fired rockets towards the airport which were intercepted a mile away fro the airport and did not damage the airport.

Instead, he flew to Israel and showed the stupidity of the ban.

The FAA then quietly rescinded the ban, and flights are back to normal.

Any bets the ban was really an attempt by the US State Department and the Obama Administration to pressure Israel into a cease fire that would leave Hamas intact, in a position to claim a victory, and not have to admit defeat?


ProudHillbilly said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing - the horror of being in agreement with Bloomberg.

Jay Ater said...

I humbly agree that what he did was a good thing and the added bonus it shows just what a hypocritical pile of dung he really is.

Israel has the right to defend itself but we the people don't?

Old NFO said...

You're right...

Mcgyver said...

Scary, isnt it?