Saturday, November 05, 2011

Detroit Transit Follies Continue

So yesterday, the Detroit Bus Drivers decided walk out and not work due to one of their members being attacked on a route, leaving Detroiters reliant on transit stranded.

Bus drivers are demanding a police presence on the buses. The mayor is now acceding to that demand with the occasional plain clothes officer on buses and the police will now pull over buses randomly to inspect them.

This is a city that can't even keep the required number of buses on the roads due to a mechanics union and massive incompetence, nor keep the buses' drivers safely driving them.

But don't worry, the billions they're about to spend on light rail route will work out just fine.

Trust 'em.


Murphy's Law said...

In the stories I read, the drivers still actually showed up at work and clocked in. Only then did they refuse to do the jobs. They just refused to refuse the paycheck that goes with doing that job...and you know that none of them will wind up getting docked for the day that they did not do their work.

I think that any passenger who got stranded because of them should get one free punch at the head of any driver the next time that they board a bus...and if everyone so put out took one, maybe these slaps would learn to respect the people that they work for.

So punch a bus driver in the head on Monday, Detroiters!

Aaron said...

You are correct regarding their showing for work and then not working.

After all, being paid not to work is the Detroit union way, and is one of the many reasons for why the D is in the shape it is in today.

Scott said...

Beyond the unionista mindset of these drivers, it seems to me that this incident should spur the drivers to demand the rescinding any rules that might applied by their employer regarding the carrying of personal firearms by those drivers licensed to do so.

I think there might be fewer attacks of this nature.