Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Additions to the Blogroll

I just added North, who gives us some Words of Wisdom every Wednesday


Kead's Another Day...Another who today is showing off a fine new acquisition. Very nice indeed.

also, a welcome to New Jovian Thunderbolt, who's wondering about the trend towards S&W M&P 9s.

The answer is they're pretty excellent guns ergonomically and have a decent price point and great capacity. Assuming mine comes back from the factory fixed, I will go back to singing its praises. It had gone through over 2000 rounds sans hicup before the problem cropped up so I expect that it is fixable.

I also just belatedly added Say Uncle. How the heck I had overlooked adding that fine blog to the roll all this time I have no idea.

You can't go wrong reading any of these blogs, nor the others listed in the blogroll.


Keads said...

I am honored Sir!

North said...

Thank you!

Aaron said...

You're both welcome. I'm similarly honored to be linked on your blogs as well.