Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blizzard Warning in Southern Michigan Tonight- French Toast Supplies Reported to be Perilously Low

This is either going to suck or its going to be the most over-hyped winter storm since The Day After Tomorrow. They're expecting a dump in the Detroit area of 15 inches all at once.

Schools are peremptorily closing. Grocery stores are out of milk, eggs, and bread leading to fears of a french toast supply shortage for Southern Michigan.

Apparently comfort foods for a winter storm shut-in is French Toast. Why no runs on Cream of Mushroom soup and Kraft Dinner, both of which are more seasonally appropriate?

We'll see if this is anything to blog about or just standard winter blahs.

Update: Schools are closed in anticipation of this storm, including some schools like Cooley Law School that never close short of a major disaster.


BJ's Stamps and Coins said...

Love the comment about French Toast! We are in Glendale, AZ where there is ZERO chance of snow and the grocery stores are PACKED with people! I think the snow birds are stocking up out of habit.

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BJ's Stamps and Coins said...
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