Monday, February 14, 2011

Saturday at the Marshbank Winterfest

On Saturday I took the kids to the Marshbank Winterfest. The weather was warm (for February) and sunny which made it a perfect day to get outdoors.

Marshbank Park was closed last year because of extensive renovations and it was nice to see the results.

The offer of seeing sled dogs was enough to get the kids out of the house and outdoors. When we arrived at 1:30, The park was packed with people. We met up with some neighbors and friends at the park and wandered around.

The kids wanted a tractor hayride so we got in line for that and had a nice ride through the park.

After the ride they went off to pet a reindeer. I believe this one ran over someone's grandma last year:

The reindeer handler was consistently warning all the kids to only pet the hind end and stay away from the antlers. Thankfully the reindeer was quiescent and seemed to enjoy the attention, and no child was impaled.

The kids then did an egg toss (plastic eggs filled with birdseed), which they quickly dropped. Then a bean bag toss where they each won a movie poster and a necklace from 104.3 WOMC (ok, every kid won those but don't tell them that).

We then stopped into the new shelter and got a pizza slice for Abby, a hotdog for Leah and a bowl of chili for me, and a bag of chips to share.

We then walked up to see the sled dogs, but all tickets for sled dog rides were gone before we even arrived at the park. After seeing the dogs, Leah declared that it was "enough for one day" and we walked back to the car and went home.

The Winterfest was pretty well done and the kids had a good time, but had they ran it the full day or spread it over two days it would have made the crowds a bit more manageable. In any case, it was good to get the kids outdoors and active for the afternoon.

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