Friday, February 25, 2011

Don't Expect Effective Action From The UN Or EU On Libya

The UN and the international community seem in quite the quandary as to what to do about Libya (they really don't want to call on NATO and the US to actually do something).

Stern diplomatic notes have failed, and the EU's condemnatory resolution seems far to timid and dare we say, an example of typical European hand-wringing? Go over to UN Watch and read the whole thing, then peruse the entire UN Watch blog, its real good.

Maybe the international community can take some baby steps first, like removing Libya from its seat on the UN Human Rights Commission. Of course that might be seen as too harsh a measure for some, and could also raise some questions as to why some of the world's greatest human rights violators have seats on the council.

Listening to NPR on the way in to work today, it was interesting listening to a UN official being interviewed hemming and hawing as to whether Libya could or should be removed. She seemed to want to punt the whole issue to the Security Council.

If the UN can't even take that step, don't count on the "international community" to start any real intervention anytime soon. But all hope is not yet lost, there is a rumor that harsh language may soon be unleashed, followed by some vigorous finger-pointing.

Updated: Sure enough, The UN Human Rights Council is now mulling over maybe suspending Libya.

Maybe if the UNHRC spent less time condemning Israel to the exclusion of any other activity it might speed up the process somewhat.

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