Tuesday, December 07, 2010

So is .40 S&W the new caliber for Deer?

On the way to work there was a bit of a traffic hold up so I managed to observe the following sequence of events:

It seems a small deer had decided to interface with a truck and it was still kicking but had clearly gotten the worst of the meeting. This was the cause of the traffic hold up.

A police officer on the scene sentenced the deer by the roadside for impeding traffic. The officer dragged it off the road into the woods that were conveniently located there (and was probably where it came from in the first place), drew his service weapon, and BANG.

One shot, one dead deer.

The officer had an excellent awareness of his backstop and didn't miss. Nicely done.

The deer are now on notice not to mess around in traffic in that jurisdiction.

The DCLU (Deer Civil Liberties Union) was unavailable for comment.

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