Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow makes the driving go slower, especially on these roads

The Detroit News: Driving remains treacherous, temperatures to plummet tonight Yes, yes it was, and it probably will be even worse.

Sure enough, driving today was hell. Having un-plowed streets by municipalities that seem to have been caught unawares that it was snowing all last night, and people who completely forgot how to drive it wasn't pretty. Hopefully these cities will figure it out and actually plow and salt after a snowfall. It is really not hard to anticipate that after snow falls on a Sunday you're going to need to salt and plow on Monday morning. Yeesh.

The streets were still quite snow and ice covered, and the kids schools were closed.

Remember what you were doing on June 3rd of this year? That far back is how far forward we're going to need to be to see spring again. Ouch.

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