Thursday, December 09, 2010

Dive 174 - Union Lake in December is getting to be a cold lake

So early this morning before work Keith and I went to dive Union Lake.

A mist was rising off the lake and a bit of ice could be seen at the waters edge on the boat ramp. We did wonder why we were doing this, but hey, a dive is a dive.

So in we went, and it was cold. On the upside the visibility was the clearest I've seen at Union lake in a long time, the boaters are gone, the particulate causing vegetation is dying or already dead and so the view is much father than normal - at least 30 feet plus.

We headed to the north boat, got there, messed around practicing some maneuvers for a bit and then both looked at each other - you cold? You cold? We both agreed that we were in fact cold. Ok, lets blow this pop stand. It was indeed cold. My temperature gauge read the water as 41 degrees at the surface and 39 degrees at depth, Keith's computer read 37 and I think his was more accurate. A good shiver-me-timbers dive was had by all.

We headed back, admired ourselves in the large mirror beside the skeleton of the Model T Ford, 'cause being numb with cold is no excuse for not looking awesome in the water, did a minimum deco ascent and got out.

The dive details:

Maximum depth: 38 feet
Bottom time: 28 minutes
Water temperature: 39 degrees
Air temperature: 37 degrees.

So will I get to dive #175 and perhaps more in 2010 or will the ice move in first? Will I be crazy enough to keep diving in sub-39 degree water? Will I get a working heated vest to hold off hypothermia? Stay tuned to find out.

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