Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ah, Snow

So today was our first serious snowfall with 3-5 inches and its still coming down.

We live on a hill with one heck of a high angled driveway. I headed out to clear the driveway so we could get Natasha's van up on top as even with snow tires, it couldn't make it up the hill that is our driveway.

So about midway down the driveway, shovel in hand I start sliding. And kept sliding. No traction with my boots whatsoever. Under the snow is a layer of ice that makes getting any footing impossible. So I'm sailing down the driveway on the soles of my boots, rather well balanced and then come to a crashing stop. Great fun.

I then get up and realize I still can't get up the driveway, climb up and I slide right back down. So I shovel the base of the driveway and again can't get up the driveway, nor can Tash in the van, it got halfway up and then stopped short and slid back down.

So I walk up the grass, nursing my bruises from the fall and tomorrow morning, hopefully with the snowfall ended I plan to shovel again and salt the heck out of the driveway.

Winter is here again, and I'm not enthusiastic. If the ice is that bad with the first real snowfall, this will be a long Goreified winter.


Murphy's Law said...

IN the words of that great observer of human suffering, Nelson Muntz: "Ha-HA!"

Seriously: rock salt. And don't skimp on it.

Aaron said...

The problem is getting the layer of snow off the ice so the salt can do its work.

You're right about lots of salt. Lots of salt may just get us through this winter.