Monday, November 22, 2010

The Detroit Free Press wants Department of Corrections to hire ex-cons

Yes, the Detroit Free Press editorial seriously proposes the Michigan Department of Corrections to hire ex-cons for jobs in corrections.

After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Don't bar ex-cons from Corrections jobs

A law legislators passed in the 1990s prohibits the Corrections Department from hiring ex-convicts, even for the many nonsecurity jobs that don't require contact with prisoners.

Legislators should repeal that misguided policy. It looks more than bad when Corrections is prohibited from hiring the very people it wants other employers to take on.
I'm not sure if you need an extremely naive liberal view of the world, complete with very rose colored glasses, to write editorials for the Detroit Free Press, but it sure must help.


Me said...

What they forget is that MDOC used to hire ex-cons, and some of them even managed to become corrections officers. The problems involving drug smuggling were epidemic, and they kept long after they stopped hiring ex-cons but continued to hire "ghetto girls" who came out of the same projects as many of the convicts and saw nothing wrong with dating the cons or having their babies, either after the convict was released or even before. These girls would get into the institutions and play the convicts off against each other for fun, or if spurned, get the convicts to attacking each other. I saw it when I worked in a related field back in the early 90's, and the only solution was to raise the standards and try to keep the thug life off of the payroll and out of the institutions.

Aaron said...

I figured it would get your attention. You're right and the liberals at the Freep aren't thinking of the consequences, even when they have plentiful examples from recent history to tell them exactly what the consequences of hiring ex-felons will be.