Tuesday, November 30, 2010

If a conservative is a liberal whose been mugged, it looks like Portland's mayor may need to be mugged twice

On listening to NPR this evening, I happened to catch an All Things Consideredinterview they were having with the mayor of Portland, Sam Adams discussing the Christmas tree bombing attempt.

The title of the post is from the old joke: a liberal judge speaking to an audience on his soft on crime approach boasts that he has not changed his mind, has not gotten tough on criminals, even though he was mugged himself.

From the back of the room, a little old lady is heard to yell: "Mug him again!"

Sadly it seems that Sam Adams may need to be mugged again to be able to face reality and the citizens of Portland may suffer for his touchy-feely approach to terrorism.

It turns out that Sam was one of the last to know that terrorist Mohamed Osman Mohamud had been apprehended, because five years ago, he and others on the city council opted Portland out of the Joint Terrorism Task force, the first city to do so.

The interview shows Adams has a very pink if not full on red-tinted view of the world. It states how he's starting to reconsider the stupid decision to opt out, because he trusts the current (read Obama) administration more than the Bush administration, but he wants to make sure all of Portland's citizens civil rights are unhampered. At the time of the opt-out He felt he could not "in good conscience" have Portland Police involved that would risk his citizens due process rights including being involved in (gasp) wire taps and in depth investigations and a concern over racial and religious profiling. By the way, Sam Adams supported Portland becoming a "Sanctuary City" for illegals, with police banned from enforcing immigration laws, and he's also pushing for city ordinances on gun owners that violate Oregon state laws. So much for protecting "due process rights".

Of course as a dumb liberal, Mayor Adams is of course concerned that Mahmoud was entrapped and he believes dialog is important and the investigation should be in a civilian court where his peers can weigh claims that he may have been entrapped.

Look, if when approached about blowing up a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, instead of saying "hell no!" you respond "Yes, by Mohammed's splooge-encrusted beard, I'm gonna do it, get me the explosives!, Allahu Akbar!". It is not entrapment.

All Things Considered is a nice window into the liberal mindset.

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