Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alien vs Predator aka Phelpsians vs Mohammedans in Dearborn

Via Instapundit: Gateway Pundit: The Perfect Storm… WESTBORO CULT to Picket Dearbornistan Islamic Center — Nov.18th
                   Get your popcorn…
The God hates Fags people will protest at the Islamic Center in Dearbornistan tomorrow.
This one doesn't call for just popcorn, it calls for marshmallows, extra large and fluffy ones.

Heck, this confrontation, however it works out, is truly a win/win for America.

It will be interesting if it makes the news and fun to see the coverage.

Pity that the Phelpsians didn't choose the Islamic House of Wisdom and its ex-Iranian Navy spiritual head Elahi to protest.  At least this latest nonsense is keeping them away from soldier's funerals.

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