Thursday, June 17, 2010

Suicide - You're Doing It Wrong

You know it's not your day when you fail at your attempt to commit suicide - You survive after shooting yourself in the head, and then on the way to get help, you get hit by a truck.

South Africa man shoots self in head, gets hit by truck
Jeffrey Wicks, a spokesman for a private emergency service, said Thursday that the man allegedly first fired a .22-caliber handgun to his head while seated in a car. The bullet passed through the man’s mouth and lodged in his skull.

Wicks said the man then tried to cross the road to seek help. He was then hit by a truck.
A new factoid contribution to the never-ending debate over the effectiveness of the .22 for self-defense or self-removal.

I wonder if he was really seeking help before he was hit by the truck or if he decided that after shooting himself he might as well try getting killed by walking in front of a truck. If so, that's two failures for the price of one.
He says the victim was treated at the scene Wednesday in the town of Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal province before he was transported to the hospital. Wicks says the man, who he did not name, is in critical but stable condition.
One imagines that this guy is built like a tank and has a very hard skull.

Hopefully he gets some counselling and resolves whatever issue he has before we find out if in his case three strikes means you're out or not.

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