Monday, June 14, 2010

Camera takes an Epic Underwater Trip

From being lost off Aruba it turns up in the Florida Keys, over 1000 miles away: The Detroit news: The odyssey: Camera survives ocean trip to Fla.
Paul Shultz was walking along the pier of a Key West marina when he saw what looked like a rotting tomato pounding against the rocks.

The Coast Guard investigator waded ankle-deep into the water to fish out the ocean rubbish: a bright red Nikon camera, small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. Its waterproof plastic case was covered with six months' worth of crusty sea growth, but the camera itself was almost pristine when he found it May 16.

However, clues to tracking down its owner were few. So Shultz decided to test his investigative skills.
And he definetly has such skills in abundance - he tracked the camera to its owner and is shipping it back to Aruba.
"I have a smile on my face ... I can't stop laughing about it," Dick de Bruin said in a phone interview from Aruba. "It's really big news (on the island) and in Europe."

De Bruin, a sergeant in the Royal Dutch Navy, has been stationed with his family in Aruba for three years. The camera floated away from de Bruin while he and a dive team were salvaging an anchor from the USS Powell for a World War II memorial. The American ship protected Aruba, a major oil producer, from German forces during the war.

"There's a big connection between America and Aruba ... first with the anchor, and now the camera brings us together again," de Bruin said.
Very cool and kudos to Paul Schultz for tacking the camera back to its original owner and sending it to him, not to mention giving us one heck of a cool story and a new appreciation of ocean currents.

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