Friday, June 18, 2010

Public Education's Zero Tolerance Again Leads To An Absurd Result

A Rhode Island school bans a kid's hat for having toy soldiers with tiny guns on it, due to a zero-tolerance policy on weapons.

You really can't make this up:
The Detroit News: School's ban includes toy soldiers' weapons

Christan Morales said her 8-year-old son just wanted to honor American troops when he wore a hat to school decorated with an American flag and small plastic Army figures.

But the school banned the hat because it ran afoul of the district's zero-tolerance weapons policy. Why? The toy soldiers were carrying tiny guns.

Nice to see that rational thought has completely fled the public school system. Zero tolerance means no actual threat analysis needs to be done, nor is common sense required so you get riddiculous results like these. The only way those toy soldiers could be characterized as weapons is if the little tyke started shoving them down the teacher's throat in reaction to the utter vacuousness of her pronouncement.

Let's take a look at these offending "weapons":

Ooooh, scary.

One has to wonder if the kid upon being informed of the wrongfullness of his possession of such dangerous weapons told the teacher to sack up or just offered the teacher a diaper.

The poor kid has just realized that yes, at the tender age of eight years, the authority figures in his life are complete morons.

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