Saturday, June 12, 2010

The May 22 Range Trip

With Lagniappe's Keeper popping into town to take care of some family business, we of course had to go to the range.  We took his nephew the Spud, and of course, his 1919 Browning:

LK had stopped by Camp Perry and picked up some of the British Kynoch-manufactured 30-06 on cloth belts. While it looks like it would be a pain to cut each round out to use the rounds for other purposes, in the Browning they functioned as intended.

He also brought his trusty FAL along:
The FAL is one nice accurate battle rifle, and the fridge felt its wrath from both LK and myself.

As Lagniappe's Keeper has already related, we found out that a dorm-type fridge provides no cover at 150 yards from shotgun slugs, 30-06 and even 5.56 and 9mm rounds zipping out from an UZI.

The Saiga shot very well, and handled slugs and shot with aplomb. I just need to buy another EOTech to keep one permanently mounted on the AR and the other on the Saiga.

I think LK is becoming enamored of the trusty and powerful Saiga-12.

In handgun practice, I brought my LEO-trade in Glock 22 that has a NY1 trigger and Bexar County Sheriff markings on it. The pistol shows some wear but shoots flawlessly and hits at 150 yards on the fridge were possible and achieved. I also got to try his HK P2000 .40 with the LEM trigger.

The HK fits the hand nicely, about as nice as the Glock, and the trigger starts off smooth and sweet, moving back with little creep, a shot is just about to come off almost as a surprise and - full stop. You hit an absolute wall and trigger pull increases beyond 14lbs or so it feels. Heck, it feels like you need a sledgehammer to get the trigger to move any farther back. My Glock 22 LEO-trade in with the NY1 trigger is light compared to that, and smooth with a consistent trigger movement throughout. Ah well, must be a let-down to go from a P7's excellent trigger to the P2000 lowest-cop-denominator trigger.

A great range trip indeed.


Me said...

The Siaga's not bad at all, but as you should well recall, I had some serious issues getting it's magazines to seat--NOT something I'd care to be trying to make happen in an emergency.

Get that fixed though--and put a Surefire light on it--and it'll likely give my Remington 870 a real run for the money.

Oh, and the Spud said that your Glock hurt his little hands. He did not have the same complaint regarding my HK.

Aaron said...

Yep, I'm working on the mag aspect - think FAL - its rock in and go, but there is an adapter that lets you drop them straight in that I'm looking at. I'll be adding a rail and surefire eventually.

As to Spud, we need to toughen that boy up.

Me said...

Definitely agree on the last. But I get him so rarely.