Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Other Health Care News, GOP suffers from Rinoitis

RINOitis- What happens when nominally "Republican" senators run off to join the Democrats in a fest of "bipartisanship" - otherwise known as doing what the Democrats want and being feted by the media for their "courage" in deserting to the Democrats.

Another GOP senator open to health care overhaul
A second Republican senator signaled Wednesday she's open to voting for sweeping health care legislation this year, putting President Barack Obama closer to a historic achievement that has eluded generations of Democratic leaders.

But Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, told The Associated Press that the bill approved Tuesday by the Finance Committee needs substantial improvements to make coverage more affordable, contain costs and protect Medicare. Nevertheless, she joined her Maine GOP colleague Sen. Olympia Snowe in endorsing the goal of far-reaching changes.

My hope is we that can fix the flaws in the bill and come together with a truly bipartisan bill that could garner widespread support," Collins said in an interview.
Of Course, one can always find a Republican to break ranks and provide cover for the Democrats partisan march through Congress
The 10-year, $829 billion Finance bill was approved by the committee Tuesday on a 14-9 vote, after Snowe broke ranks with her Republican colleagues to support Chairman Max Baucus' middle-of-the-road plan.

Snowe and Collins, two RINOitis Republicans that never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to help the Republicans hold the line but instead consistently work to help the Democrats out with their agenda.

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