Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Kitty! Our new feline friend

Before taking the kids and going to the pet store, which was holding an adoption day event for placement of rescued animals, I was warned that we could go look, but don't get anything while Natasha was out working.

We've been thinking about getting a new pet since we lost Tova, and the kids have been clamoring for a kitty.

Having always been dog people I was somewhat skeptical about getting a kitty, but have enjoyed them at friends' houses.

So off we went to the pet store. Natasha and the kids had seen the kitties earlier in the week and had a few favorites.

We got to see them. Plenty of kitties and dogs were being shown to be adopted - apparently the amounts of people abandoning their pets is becoming epidemic, not to mention abandoning any kittens or puppies their pets have.

So in we went, and we met a few kitties, but I held firm. Until of course I saw this one kitty. The cat immediately came over to the bars and started purring and licking my hand - ruh, roh.

So we take the kitty out to the play room and the kids love her, she's great with them, very cuddly and playful.

Oh, she had just been saved from the Livingston County animal shelter where she was due to be euthanized if she wasn't adopted.

You can see where this is going.

I call Natasha that we have a great new pet - she says "Didn't I just say don't sign anything?" -- and off I go shopping with one of the very helpful and knowledgeable rescue person for kitty necessities. The Pet store - PetSmart - is brilliant to hold these events - these kitties need homes, the new homes need things, and voila -- you just happen to be at a pet store that has them.

The kids are ecstatic, the wife arrives a little flabbergasted at the speed of events but her heart melts at one look (ok maybe two) upon the kitty. She melts further once we get then kitty home, kitty proof the basement and set everything up, and then the kitty jumps in her lap, snuggles in, and purrs happily away.

This cat is smart - already potty-trained, and she will come when you call and jumps in your lap if you hit your legs.

So meet our adopted rescue cat and newest member of the family - Sabrina (well named by Abby).

She's a very happy cat.

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