Friday, October 30, 2009

More Obama Foreign Diplomacy "Success"

First - Who would have thought Iran would perform yet another rope-a-dope and undermine and stall negotiations ewhile it develops nuclear capability - Iran undermines heart of Western nuclear offer

Of course, Obama continues his "smart diplomacy" but not ready to push for sanctions, but really he might just eventually get around to it, eventually, any time now.
He wouldn't say whether the Obama administration believes it now is time to pursue tougher sanctions against Tehran, but added: "the president's time is not unlimited."
Obama's tough and smart diplomacy - all carrot and no stick.

Second, (via Fausta's blog) - Honduras gets thrown under the Obama diplomacy bus - Honduran government caves into US pressure, agrees to Zelaya’s restitution. So the Obama administration pressured a country that was acting according to its constitution to prevent its president from becoming a Chavez-like dictator to reinstate that same President. Nice.

Under Obama, it now seems it is better to be an undemocratic adversary of the United States rather than a democratic ally.

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