Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Speaking on Iran Obama lost his chance to be a world statesman

Well Obama seems determined to do nothing but utter restrained platittudes, and not even criticize the theocracy of Iran or support the protests but if anything at that as the protests in Iran grow and govenrment forces fire on crowds of protesters.

Obama just lost his chance to appear statesmanlike in suppoort of democracy in favor of realpolitik appeasement and the Democrat desire for world stability over freedom so they can retreat from the world and further push their shcemes here at home. Remember Reagan and his address on behalf and in support of Solidarity in Poland back in the days of Communism?

Obama instead of stirring words of support for freedom and democracy in Iran and condemning the theocrats there he went with such winners as
My understanding is, is that the Iranian government says that they are going to look into irregularities that have taken place. We weren’t on the ground, we did not have observers there, we did not have international observers on hand, so I can't state definitively one way or another what happened with respect to the election.

Obama will lose the best chance for a free Iran yet again as Jimmy Carter did before him. Carter II indeed.

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