Thursday, June 25, 2009

For Some, Health Care Is Best When Others Have To Pay For It

Or at least that seems to be the line of thought of the guest editorial in the Detroit News Today.

In Make health coverage a basic benefit, David Loper, a self-described part-time accountant opines that
But I do know that now is our chance to revamp the system and not allow any American to go to work without health insurance coverage, which should be a basic work benefit.

He states it should be a basic work benefit because:
As a part-time accountant, I have had to work without health insurance, and it is scary. It is scary knowing that one injury could cost me thousands of dollars or force me into bankruptcy.

Hasn't he looked into catastrophic care insurance? It's cheap, its even tax deductible and its really not hard to get. Heck I was unemployed for a time while I was changing careers and I darn well went out and got catastrophic care insurance - not gold plated coverage but very affordable and it came in handy when I hurt my ankle in an accident at the time. With affordable catastrophic health insurance, The worry
that one injury could cost me thousands of dollars or force me into bankruptcy
fades away.

You can choose to save a few hundred dollars a year and not buy catastrophic care insurance and hope lightning doesn't strike or you can avoid worry and buy the catastrophic care insurance.

Of course, as a part time worker he's suggesting we require employers to pay for coverage of part time workers as a "basic benefit" thus saving him the money and his having to go out and pay for it himself.

Accountant, run the health care cost numbers thyself and purchase catastrophic care coverage accordingly and worry less.

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