Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Scientists revive 120,000 Year Old Bacteria - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Bug resurrected after 120,000 years
Scientists have brought a newly-discovered bug back to life after more than 120,000 years in hibernation. It raises hopes that dormant life might be revived on Mars. The tiny purple microbe, dubbed called Herminiimonas glaciei, lay trapped beneath nearly two miles of ice in Greenland. It took 11 months to revive it by gently warming it in an incubator. Finally the bug sprang back to life and began producing fresh colonies of purple brown bacteria.

Which then proceeded to form into a huge monster and tries to take over the earth -- we've seen this film before.

Seriously though, pretty neat and amazing what science can do. Let's just hope the bacteria as it grows doesn't develop a taste for human flesh.

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