Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another thought on Iran

Given that Iran is backing insurgents in Iraq with weapons, supplies, training, and material support wouldn't it be just too bad if we started covertly giving these Iranian protesters some covert help of our own? We must have some SF guys who can shoot and speak Farsi right? Kinda what they're trained for - supporting pro-democracy insurgencies in foreign lands.

Turnabout for Iranian support of the insurgency in Iraq would be a real bitch now wouldn't it? And of course we could deny all knowledge of such and claim there's no proof of any such assistance at all, just lots of Basiji militia guys and Mullas that suddenly end up dead when they go off to beat unarmed pro-democracy protesters.

Unfortunately, the chance of Obama doing any such thing is slim and none, with slim leaving town in favor of waiting for an Iranian government's investigation of its "free and fair" elections.

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