Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama's next move: Let them drive Ladas

After the defenestration of Rick Waggoner (on the upside, any move that brings the term defenestration back into common usage has got to be a victory for both the English language and medieval revivalism. On the other hand, that Obama is having us think of the late medieval period with the rule of Kings and nobles with the peasants and serfs toiling on the land probably isn't such a happy thought. Then again, most Democrat nobles don't pay their taxes until nominated for cabinet positions, so maybe it is more apt than not.)

Obama went on to tell Chrysler it had to complete a partnership with Fiat within 30 days or else.

Now Obama may be longing for the good old days when Fiats were used as the basis for a fine symbolic car near and dear to all progressives hearts, a "car of the people". Given Obama didn't interfere with the leadership of the UAW while forcing the CEO of GM to step down, methinks he indeed would support such government control for the benefit of the workers and peasants of America.

Yep if you didn't click on the proceeding link we're talking about Ladas, a fine example of the results of progressive government control of the auto industry. Maybe we'll call it the Obama-Lada, or Obama-Lada-Ding-Dong for the extended version.

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Brian Crouch said...

The Russian Olympic Footballers were promised a Lada from the govt for each team member that scored a goal. And a skateboard if they got two.

A man walks into a mechanic's: "Could I get a windshield wiper for my Lada?"
Mechanic: "Ok. Fair trade."

Why do they put rear window defrosters in Ladas?
To keep your hands warm as you push it home.

NotClauswitz said...

In German it's, "Falier In Allen Teilen" - every part fails.
The Agnelli family had their control of the company taken away from 1945 (when Mussolini was killed) until 1963 because of its close ties to Mussolini's Fascist government. When (ever) will GM be returned to the status of a non-Governmental corporation?

Anonymous said...

It's a Yugo with a trunk! I'd be dead before you caught me in that thing.

Billll said...

It has a trunk so they'll have a place to put you when you're dead.

Brad K. said...

Perhaps Obama wants the enduring legacy of the world leader that created the "people's"car - Hitler's Volkswagon Beetle.