Saturday, March 14, 2009

More Cobo Follies

Some bad ideas just don't die.

Even after Detroit City Clown Council voted the deal down, there's still maneuvering going on to push it ahead.

As I wrote before, there's a push for Federal Stimulus Dollars to fix Cobo, and a federal bailout and fix-r-upper would prevent the City from giving up control of this tarnished "jewel".

Not surprisingly, the husband of Detroit City Council President Monica Conyers, US Rep John Conyers (D) is leading the push in Congress for this proposal.
U.S. Rep. John Conyers, D-Det., said that there is a chance that federal stimulus money could possibly be used to renovate and expand Cobo Center, an issue that has left state and local officials debating the future of the convention center.

“Where there is a will there’s a way,’’ Conyers told the Free Press after a rally today in support of a new deal for Cobo Center at Triumph Church in Detroit.

Detroit City Council rejected state approved legislation that would create a five member regional authority and pump $288 millions into Cobo Center for expansion and renovation. Mayor Ken Cockrel vetoed the council’s rejection. The council has sued in circuit court.....

Ah, federal dollars, nepotism, threats of court action, corruption and City Council clownery, does it get much better than this?

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