Monday, March 16, 2009

La Raza Lobbyist appointed Obama's director of White House intergovernmental affairs,

So much for that whole "no lobbyists in my administration" promise.

The Detroit News: Michigan Latina is Obama link to states, communities
Michigan native Cecilia Munoz wasn't used to busy senators calling her personally to ask about Latino concerns, so Barack Obama -- then a new senator from Illinois -- quickly stood out.

"It is rare for someone in the U.S. Senate to call you up on the spur of the moment for help in something he was thinking through," recalls Munoz, who was then a top Capitol Hill lobbyist for the National Council of La Raza.

"When (Obama) had questions about policy, he would call. He really developed those kinds of relationships with people. I learned his openness to counsel and advice and guidance."

When Senator Obama became President Obama, he tapped the mother of two teen-aged daughters to become director of White House intergovernmental affairs, the "doorway," as she puts it, between all state and local officials and the president.

"We need a strong partnership with state and local government in order to deliver ... change. My job is to make sure those partnerships are as strong as possible," said Munoz, who grew up in Livonia, the daughter of Bolivian immigrants....

Oh, and La Raza, translation into English - "The Race" (Michelle Malkin spotted this appointment before the Detroit News and has some salient comments). La Raza as in "Hispanics uber alles". as the Germans might say, hard to imagine another ethnic group getting away with the name like that and lobbying under it, not to mention defending illegal immigration to boot.

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