Friday, February 20, 2009

Detroit needs what?

Featured Letter in the Detroit Free press: City needs a real Detroiter for mayor

And how's having had a "real" Detroiter been working out so far exactly?

Of course the letter is a hit against one of the candidates for Mayor of Detroit, Dave Bing, a successful businessman.

The letter begins:
Detroit is one of the jewels of the Midwest.
Ok, now pick yourself up off the floor, try to stop laughing, come on you can do it, and imagine the author of the article is real earnest about this, 'cause apparently she is.
Its diverse population, music festivals, RiverWalk, cultural opportunities, sports arenas, medical facilities and freeway system make it a city of opportunity.
Ok, we need some padding for that floor, that last laughing fall hurt.

The article's author is annoyed, if not outraged that Bing lives mainly in a nice suburb location as well as a condo on East Jefferson in Detroit.

Big bloody deal.

Look around, Detroit is falling to pieces, is rated as the most miserable city and this author bemoans that this mayoral candidate isn't "Detroit enough" (is that code for successful businessman - must be infected by "whiteness" perhaps?(Bing is Black by the way)).

Detroit needs someone competent, smart and business-like to try and pull it out of the death spiral its been twirling in since the days of Coleman Young. Maybe a mayor who isn't "Detroit enough" is exactly what the city needs.

The local talent has been lacking to say the least.

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