Monday, February 23, 2009

Ice isn't always safe to go on, but it may give us something new to dive on

Detroit Free Press: Deputy pulls self from icy Cass Lake after falling
An Oakland County Sheriff's deputy was able to pull himself out of Cass Lake after he fell while checking a sport-utility vehicle and snowmobile that had fallen through the ice Sunday.

After walking out onto the ice to verify no one was in the lake, the deputy fell through up to his shoulders on his way back to shore but was able to get out, according to sheriff's department reports.
Lucky for him and good to know he made it out ok. Flls through the ice can be life-threatening - cold water and difficulty getting out can be killers. Going on the ice now with all the thawing and refreezing thats been happening is a very dangerous

On the upside maybe I'll have something new to dive on once the season begins anew:
Both vehicles were still in the lake Sunday night, officials said this morning.
Mind you, I;m pretty sure they will pull them both out of the water before I get a chance to dive on them, especially if they are near the boat launch area. Its events like this that make me want to go to double tanks (for redundancy and safety under overhead enbvironments) and get my Ice diving certification.....

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