Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sometimes you miss by a mile, but in the cause of Climate Change you miss

sometimes by 193,000 square miles.

As noted on Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor Current View (yes THE Jerry Pournelle):

Arctic Ice Extent Understated

It turns out that the National Snow and Ice Data Center has been hit with something called "sensor drift". This means that all their doom and gloom about the North Pole being ice free due to global warming is wrong. There is approximately 500,000 sq. kilometers (193,00 sq. miles) more ice than they previously thought. I guess the polar bears may not go extinct after all.

Tim Boettcher

Apparently that whole Arctic ice is disappearing due to Global Warming / Climate Change / Humans breathing may be a little bit overstated, like much of the Global Warning data we've been fed to convince us that were in a crisis. For the next bit of alarmist news to come, it seem you need to expect the prediction is mistaken or overstating the reality of the situation by a similar large margin until proven otherwise.


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They say great minds think alike:


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Indeed. Nice post on your bog, plus you beat me to it by a few days.

Aaron said...

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