Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not the Wright Move - This should really help Detroit's Image

NAACP in Detroit to host Obama's embattled ex-minister

With such wonderful statements as "God Damn America" (with accompanying applause from his church's crowd.

With hisReprinting endorsing the terrorist group HAMAS' charter on his opinion page.

With his Insane claim that Israel worked on designing an "Ethnic bomb" to only kill Blacks and Arabs (anybody with a scintilla of scientific knowledge knows such a thing is impossible not to mention Israel wouldn't make one even if it was possible).

So what does the Detroit branch of the NAACP do:

Make him their feature speaker for the NAACP 53rd Annual Fight for Freedom Fund dinner.

One would think the NAACP would not want to showcase to the rest of Detroit what a racist, liberation theology, Marxist Black preacher looks like, much less act to affirm his statements by giving him pride of place at their freedom event.

You would think the NAACP would want to feature a mainstream Black sucess story, someone who has used precious freedom for a valuable endeavor, of which many exist in Detroit.

Or, this could just be a way to get the heat off Kwame by brining someone who is even more infamous on the national level.

The fun will be if this gets on video and we can see who celebrates and applauds this sorry excuse for a supposed minister. This certainly doesn't help Obama, who is now trying to distance himself after lying and claiming he had no idea about Wrights speeches. The only place this helps BHO is among those in the community that think what Wright is saying is just fine, it should be interesting to see who shows up and cheers for Wright, and hopefully the media might deign to report on the event -- with video.

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