Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Democrat Primary Implosion - Rochelle Riley loses it.

Some days it is rather fun to watch the Democrats explode along race/gender lines in the current primary nomination race.

Take Rochelle Riley, in the Detroit Free Press, please. Clinton lets dream take a backseat
The worst won't be that Sen. John McCain will win the presidency. The worst will be that America came so close to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream.
Democratic attempts to call this election anything other than what it is will not work: This isn't politics as usual. What is at stake in this election is THE DREAM.

Somehow I thought Rev.Martin Luther King's dream wasn't dependent on a black person becoming president, but more on racial equality and valuing people as people, but we'll read on.

And the greatest irony is that Bill and Hillary Clinton were on the wrong side of history.
And the first woman president wouldn't be historical?

Paragraphs later, Reiley finaly elucidates her version of "the dream":
That the Clintons have been too shortsighted to see it means they are missing the watershed event -- America accepting a man and his ideas without regard to his color. This election is the moment that civil rights workers of all colors died for in the 1960s, the moment for which my grandmother prayed.
Come now Riley, be honest, Obama, with his lack of experience and seasoning, as well as his 60-80s timewarp leftist ideas, would not be where he is now but for his color. Indeed, Obama has been playing the race card to the full this election. Somehow I don't think the dream included Chicago machine politics coupled with old line Marxist thought and membership in a liberation-theology church, but perhaps I missed that part of the speech.

Riley has her dream. Obama is being criticized, and rightfully so, as being an empty suit, full at most of old left-wing ideas, dissimulations, and his repeated attempts to "bamboozle" and "hoodwink" the electorate, and because of his close associations with various left-wing radicals -- and not because of his color.

Riley, by his running and being beaten on his lack of real content and substance, you got your dream, unfortunately an Obama presidency would be a nightmare.

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