Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dive #74 Michigan's Cass Lake

We'll skip Dive #73 except to say it lasted all of 6 minutes with plenty of cold water flooding into the dry suit.

Dive #74 was more promising.

For the first time I dove Cass Lake along with my buddy Jerry.

In we went and yesterday the surface water temperature was a balmy 60 degrees and we had to get lower to hit 45 degrees near the bottom.

We started our descent from about 8 feet to 30 then bottomed out at 35 feet. We then swam along and hit the Cass Lake Sandbar. From 35 feet looking up the sandbar seems to go up forever, almost vertically. We swam along side it for a bit just nosing around.

We saw numerous concrete blocks, a very strange large black net that was strung along near a lake front property that seemed to have no real purpose as there is a very low risk of torpedo or submarine attack in Cass Lake.

We saw no fish but an empty beer can or two, logs and not much else than a sand/muck bottom.

Visibility was about 8 feet, and this was with only one boat visible in the water.

On the upside, the repair to fix the drysuit cuff dump installation paid off and I exited the water nice and dry, which was a refreshing and pleasant change over the last couple dives.

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