Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tis better to give then to receive - Pinkeye!

While Code Pink infests Washington D.C., Pinkeye is infesting my house.

It began with the little one, who began having some oozing mucus-like substance dripping from her eye late Sunday night - after all the urgent care clinics had closed of course. Given that it wasn't stopping and that you don't mess around with your kid's eyes we took her to the emergency room and they diagnosed it as bacterial conjunctivitis.

Sure enough like clockwork by the next day our older daughter came down with it and we took both kids to the Minute Clinic, got them antibiotics and prepared for the inevitable.

The little one being miserable, contented herself to rub her face and hands in our faces so you guessed it, by Monday night I had it and went to the Minute Clinic on Tuesday. It was an easy diagnosis for them, I said I had conjunctivitis, they said no kidding and prescribed an antibiotic for me. Indeed this week we should have earned frequent flier points to Minute Clinic as we all went there in sequence, as Natasha came down with it as well.

Interestingly enough, adult pink eye sucks. My eyes are not very red but they certainly itch like crazy and the right eye is especially irritated, and both eyes have this constant feeling like sandpaper is rubbing them. I highly do not recommend getting pink eye. I can't wear my contacts so I'm stuck with an older and uncomfortable pair of glasses while I keep dosing myself with antibiotics hoping this will clear up.

Basically it sucks. We're being careful not to give the kids any Worcestershire sauce as giving it to someone with Pink Eye may lead to them becoming a zombie (indeed using it as an embalming fluid has the same effect, and it tastes great on steak...a million and one uses!).

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