Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cruise Report - Day 4 - Cozumel

As I mentioned, on the night of Day 3, the weather started getting rough, the big ship was getting tossed, but thanks to a very competent crew, we certainly weren't lost.

But many a passenger lost their lunch among other things. This made craps especially challenging as not only did you have the randomness of the dice, you also had the randomness of the swaying of the ship and table to contend with.

So in the morning we arrived at Cozumel.

We had all planned to go snorkeling together, but it was not to be. The sea was much to choppy and all offshore excursions were canceled. So instead we out into motion the girl's Plan B - Shopping.

Lots of Shopping.

Cozumel is a bargain hunters dream and full of stores selling silver goods, high end and low end souveniers, T-Shirts buyt the million and Tequila.

Especially Tequila.

Did I mention the free Tequila samples in about every store?

Did you realize that there are not only white and yellow tequilas but also blue, red and brown, and that the different flavors of tequila must all be sampled to ensure a complete and thorough study of Mexico's national beverage?

This was a plot to have the men comfortably tequil-lized while their lady-folk shopped and it worked. We let them shop, they let us drink, everyone was happy. Jerry and I each bought a bottle of the white tequila that we liked the best - 100 Anos - a very smooth Tequila, much nicer than the Tequilas I've tried at home.

We took a break for lunch at a nice Mexican restaurant and I had s Fish Taco - much better than it sounds along with half of a combination plate with Tash. Meanwhile Tash and Cary needed refreshment after all that shopping and each had a huge Margarita.

We ate our fill and then headed to Mr. Sanchez's Beach -a very nice free beach. Unfortunately for the girls sense of survival our taxi driver thought he was the second coming of Speedy Gonzales. he hit 140 km/h on a road rated for 60 with signs saying - This Road not for high speed in Spanish. After that thrilling experience, complete with body sway and the feeling that the taxi would fall apart at any moment, we made it to the breach. On the upside he got us there very fast.

The beach was very pretty and we had a nice dip in the ocean from the shell lined beach.

We then got in another taxi, with a driver who only drove 90 km/h on the same road and headed back to the port and boarded the ship.

After dinner we saw another show and a very funny comedian and then to bed.

It was a great day.

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