Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Cruise Report - Day 3 - Got Stingray?

While the men were off diving, the ladies originally planned to go shopping.

This plan lasted approximately 10 minutes from contact with the enemy - namely, the stores of Grand Cayman near the port are for definite high-enders in terms of jewelry, watches crystal, etc.

So not to be bored, at the dock they signed on with a combination snorkel and stingray experience. Talk about being brave and getting out of your comfort zone, especially as neither of then like to get their heads underwater.

They had a great experience.

The snorkling according to them was great - no problem viewing the reef and fish.

Then on to the stingrays. These were not aquarium rays, but wild - sting in - stingrays, in the ocean, and the stingrays would swim up to them.

The girls proceeded to hold, pet, feed and even give the stingrays a kiss for luck. (Lucky stingrays indeed to get that kind of treatment). They had a great time with those gentle creatures, and they couldn't stop talking excitedly about it.

We then all met back on the ship for lunch and had a great time.

The girls highly recommend the snorkel/tingray encounter, and being such savy shoppers they got it at the dock for much less than what it would have cost through the cruise line.

Jerry and I were both proud of our respective ladies for their daring adventure - now if we can just get them to trade the snorkel for a Scuba regulator....

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