Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Cruise Report Day 2

February 26th began as an auspicious day at sea.

We awoke around 7:30 am to sunlight streaming in through the portholes.

Inspired by the sun and waves I actually got up, convinced Natasha to get up and we headed to the Lido deck (The deck with the cafeteria style restaurant, pizza shop, ice cream shop, and great ocean views)for a glass of juice. I then went to the top of the ship to the running track, and Natasha went into the spa for a yoga class.

After a beautiful 2 mile run around the track (22 laps), weaving past people that couldn't figure out that slow traffic should keep right and constantly maneuvering around the same 4 people walking abreast covering the entire track was darned impolite. The run was great - the wind would be at your back half the time and you had a beautiful view of the ocean and clear blue sky...with a track like that I could really get fit.

After the track I went into the fitness area and worked out with some weights and then met Tash after her Yoga class.

Then we went off to meet Jerry and Carey for breakfast.

After breakfast we hung out on deck chairs just above the pool and got a little sun and took it easy, reading, relaxing and just watching the waves.

The Natasha and I went for a swim in the main pool, the one they fill with seawater from the ocean while the boat is underway. It was great, until we got out and found that someone had taken one of our towels. Given that you only get one towel per person and you get charged megabucks if you don't turn it in at the end of the cruise, this sucked. Probably it was taken by someone that was already seriously drinking before the sun was over the yardarm, but it was a pretty blatant move that was very annoying.

It took until Day 4 in the late afternoon before the purser and towel staff figured it out and reissued us a towel...that was the only major annoyance for the trip, as it took multiple discussions with them to finally get it straightened out.

Then we went to lunch, which was very nice and we ate on the open deck and then Natasha and I returned to our room for a nap.

Here's a view of the stateroom with everything unpacked, as you can see it was quite spacious, heck, it was practically as big as the apartment we first lived in when we got married, which tells you about starter apartments for starving students...and that Carnival offers pretty decent sized staterooms.

After the nap, Jerry and I again went to the craps table and won some more money and then we all met for dinner again, and once again the food was quite wonderful. The chocolate melting cake is not to be missed, and it wasn't.

We then went to a show, which was quite enjoyable, sort of a 50s and 60s rock n' roll cabaret style song and dance extravaganza.

After that we turned in and got ready for Day 3 and our first of two shore excursions...the Cayman Islands.

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