Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kwame, You're just not a Blues Brother

In case you didn't know, the mayor of Detroit is embroiled in a scandal over perjury in court, the corrupt firing of some Detroit Police Officers and a text message scandal regarding an affair he had with his chief of staff. In all it cost the City of Detroit $84 Million topsettle the case with the fired officers, including keeping the text messages under cover, and they're out now.

So what does Kwame do when he's caught - again- with his fingers in the cookie jar or in this case, on the keyboard?

Why he goes to church and delivers an apology and political statement from there. And I thought it was only republicans that stand accused of mixing church and state.

And now to top it all off.

Kwame claims he's not resigning because he's "on an assignment from God". A little hubris there. Pretty amazing, get caught committing perjury, claim, from within a church that the scandal is about a private matter and state you won't resign because you're on a mission from god.

No, Kwame, it was the Blues Brothers on a Mission From God, not you Kwame. Let's face it, we've watched the Blues Brothers, we know theBlues Brothers, and you're not a Blues Brother, not even close.

Let's see if he slips free or if there are any actual consequences for perjury, and scandal, not to mention firing police officers to try and cover up the scandal in the City of Detroit.

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