Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kwame is looking for a few good cops

As long as they're the right color, of course.

In the midst of the text messaging scandal and the possibility that Wayne County prosecutor Kim Worthy might actually prosecute him, Kwame went in front of Detroit's City Council and indicated he wasn't worried.

Instead he discussed city business and the city needs 500 more police officers.

Yhere's a little problem: He's having trouble finding the "right" kind:
Kilpatrick said the city needs about 500 more cops, but is having a hard time getting the right types of cadets --whom he described as black or Detroiters -- into the academy. He said the city has 300 openings for police officers and only 40 cadets in the police academy.

He then indicated that he's having trouble with recruiting this right kind o' cop because:
Too many potential candidates were failing the urine test that screens for marijuana, he said.
The rest were failed for having felony records but hey, that's Detroit.

Nice of Kwame to come right out and say he's directing the police to hire using discriminatory criteria. Normally racists and bigots just use code words.

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